LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Base Set

Product Code: 9797

Price: RM 2,050.00  (Inclusive GST)


Product Description:

This set enables students to create, build and program real-life robotic solutions. The set includes:

  • 1x programmable NXT Intelligent Brick
  • 3x Interactive Servo Motors

  • 2x Touch Sensors, 1x Ultrasonic Sensor, 1x Light Sensor,   1x Sound Sensor

  • 1x Lithium Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery

  • 437 Elements

Key Features:

  • Provides fantastic cross-curricular learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

  • Enables students to explore the world of engineering by building complex control systems

  • Allows different programming platform like NXT-G, Robolab, RobotC, LabVIEW and many more