Robots2U  Robotics Learning Centre

welcomes all primary and secondary school young learners to the first integrated Robotics Learning Centre in Penang.

Robots2U offers quality and affordable robotics learning courses because we believe every child should be given an opportunity to learn and discover their own potential in a FUN and engaging way.

Robotics Learning incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. Many schools and institutions across the world have included robotics learning as a way to teach STEM. Find out more about the Benefits of Robotics Learning here.

Robotics Courses

Robots2U extends a wide-range of robotics learning courses cater for different level of students. Each level is build on to the next level.

Students will construct autonomous robots with step-by-step building instructions. They will learn to program using LEGO® NXT-G, a graphical based-programming environment specially developed to introduce robotics programming to young learners.

As their creativity expands, they can build and design their own robot constructions. Advance students will be given more challenging projects and learn advanced programming techniques and algorithms to prepare themselves for competition.

For those who are serious in programming, they further develop their programming skills by learning Robolab, RobotC (a C-language like programming language) and LabVIEW programming which is commonly used in the electronics industry.

Robots2U Teaching Approach

Our teaching approach and training materials are specially developed based on LEGO® Education and Carnegie Mellon Robotics Engineering learning series. The learning is both educational, engaging and FUN. Key learning summary and short quizzes at the end of lessons will reinforce what they have learned.

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