Benefits of Robotics Learning

Stimulate interests in learning

  • Robotics for kids learning connects to "real-world" situations - building associations between things they know and things they learned.

  • By learning while experimenting, students will find it fun and wanting to learn more.

  • The more they are engaged in the learning process, the better they will retain the information.

Premier integrator in education

  • Robotics for kids learning includes designing, building, programming, testing and improving of autonomous robots.

  • It incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. Many schools and institutions across the world have included robotics learning to instill interest in Science and Math subjects.

  • Young learners can develop scientific enquiry skills and understand technological concepts through robotics learning.

  • Robotics learning also develops soft skills like teamwork, time management, problem solving, and communication.


Enhances both creative and critical thinking

  • Robotics for kids learning allows for creativity in design. Students practice brainstorming to find creative alternative solutions.

  • It concurrently stimulates both the right (creativity) and left (logical thinking, problem solving) sides of the brain.

Provides a head start to the world of programming

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS® is an excellent platform for young learners to learn programming.

  • It is being widely complemented as the best tool for teaching students about control and programming.

  • Programming not only enhances logical thinking competency but also gaining access to the real world of IT.


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