Robotics Courses

Robots2U offers a number of robotics courses to cater for all young learners. Each course is specially designed and delivered to be fun, engaging yet mind-expanding.

The "Explorer - Education Journey" is the best platform for robotics learning. It consists of three levels and each level is build on to the next.

  • Starting with the "Beginner" level, students will gain firsthand experience building and programming robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. They will learn about machines & mechanisms, the fundamentals of robotics building. Using sensors as input devices, students will create and program intelligent robot models.

  • Progressing to the "Intermediate" level, students will learn about "structured programming" - the foundation of writing efficient program. They will explore more sophisticated robot models and majority of programming blocks in NXT-G.

  • The "Advance" level will prepare students to conduct project research and project management. Students will learn advance robot behaviours and programming algorithms. Completing the "Explorer - Education Journey", students will be proficient in NXT-G programming and well exposed to robotics building concepts and applications.

The "Competitors" is devised to help schools and teams to prepare themselves for competitions like the National Robotics Competition (NRC) and First LEGO League (FLL).

The "Enthusiasts" are for learners who want to extend their programming skills to other programming languages like RobotC and LabVIEW. "C language" is a programming language taught in universities for Computer Science studies. LabVIEW programming is commonly used in the electronics industry for tester development.

• Introduction to Robotics

• Machines & Mechanisms 1   

   (Concepts and Applications)

• Controlling Robot Behaviours

   with Sensors

• Level-1 Robot Programming

  • NXT-G Common Blocks

  • Robot Movement

  • Program Flow & Logic

  • Level-1 Robot Behaviours and Algorithms

• LEGO® 3D Model Drawing 1

• Level-1 Robotic Activities &




Able to program with NXT-G

   Common Blocks

Age: 7 and above

• Robotics Engineering 1

• Machines & Mechanisms 2

   (Concepts and Applications)

• Passive & Power Attachments

• Level-2 Robot Programming

  • NXT-G Complete and Custom Blocks

  • Level-2 Robot Behaviours and  Algorithms

  • Structured Programming

  • The Programmer's Tools

• LEGO® 3D Model Drawing 2

• Level-2 Robotic Activities &




Able to program with NXT-G

   Common Blocks

Age: 10 and above

• Robotics Engineering 2

• Project Research & Project


• Advanced Robot Programming

  • Nested Logic & Controls

  • Variables and Data Types

  • Data Manipulation

  • Level-3 Robot Behaviours &

• Introduction to PID / State


• Level-3 Robotic Activities &





Completed Intermediate Level

Age: 13 and above

• Studying and Tasking Game


• Conquering Constraints and


• Robot Design & Construction

• Consistent Navigation

• Writing Efficient Programs

• Developing Master Programs

• Troubleshooting & Debugging

• Documentation & Presentation




This training is extended to


• Minimum students: 10

• Using Robolab

• Programming Icons

• Wiring

• Control Outputs

• Wait States & Iterations

• Conditional Statements

• Modifiers

• Structures

• Containers




Familiar with NXT-G


Age: 10 and above

• Using RobotC

• RobotC Syntax & Grammar

• Wait States & Iterations

• Conditional Statements

• Boolean Logic

• Data Types

• Structures

• Subroutines / Functions

• Variables




Familiar with NXT-G or Robolab


Age: 13 and above


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